General Chairs

Esteban Meneses, National High Technology Center and Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Dr. Esteban Meneses is the director of the National Advanced Computing Collaboratory at the National High Technology Center in Costa Rica. He also holds a partial appointment as a computer science professor at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. Most of what he does revolves around high performance computing. He leads research projects, teaches, blogs, and develops tools for supercomputing.

Francisco Siles, University of Costa Rica

Dr. rer. nat Francisco Siles is a professor and researcher in Electric Engineering, Computer Science and Biocomputing specializing in Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He has also worked in topics like Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical and Biological Information, Intelligent Systems Development for Cognitive Robotics, Sports and Biomechanics analysis and interpretation as well as hybrid CPU/GPU platforms for Scientific and High Performance Computing.

Steering Committee

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